RRRRRRotoscoping artwork

January 2, 2013

Hmmm – the original text for this vanished as soon as I attempted to add the Youtube video clip  …grrr


OK – let’s see if I can recall – I took Lili to see the Ruskin landscapes exhbition at Millenium Galleries, Sheffield: http://www.museums-sheffield.org.uk/museums/millennium-gallery/exhibitions/current/force-of-nature-picturing-ruskin’s-landscape , and saw a piece of work that appeared to be an animation created via rotoscoping (drawing over film/video frame by frame).  The work on show was housed in a display box, which was hung portrait and which fitted in more as an artwork, rather than displayed on the usual pc/mac screen.  I need to find out where to get hold of these display units for AV work…

I experimented briefly with rotoscoping a few years back when experimenting for my MA degree.  I would like to create a collection of animations and frame them as above.

‘So, looking to start creating animations (prob for the kids’ book I am working on) for now, with a view to creating a collection of works in that medium…


Below = early attempt at rotoscoping via flash – would not use flash now as proved a pain to convert and upload to youtube, etc.  Many new apps out there I could use now, I am sure…


multimedia ereader book thing

January 2, 2013

I have had ideas of multimedia projects for years now, including an interactive multimedia opera, but recently I picked up a book project I had ideas for – this is just a very simple idea for a set of kids’ books – which are mainly to help my 6 yr old with the transition of moving to another country.  She can be quite a shy little thing, and I know she will miss friends – and may be anxious or unsure about the move when it comes to it, so I decided that by writing some stories about a similar event, this might help her imagine how to work through issues such as making new friends, etc.

It is also giving me a chance to warm up on my writing skills, without having to be too cautious about style, or plot or cheesiness!  This is quite refreshing and I am finding the words flooding out of me – and with much encouragement from Lili, who pops down to have me read the latest paragraphs approximately every 30 mins – now that is actually very helpful in battliing procrastination!


It is also helping Lili in that she has started her own story, complete with list of characters – she is obsessed with creating stories – and was up early this morning, on her laptop adding more to her story!  So hopefully, this new project will be good for us both!

My idea with the book though, is to have it primarily a story with text that could be read via an eReader or print, but also, I would like to add animation, graphics, and maybe sound files to this book.  So although it is in the main, a textual book of fiction, I want to embelish it with short animations, graphics and music/sounds…

Asked OH this am (he used to be in AV and is now in IT), but he didn’t see how I could make this work, other than a website, which I don’t really want.  I want it to work in eReader world too.  He suggested an app.  If I am to do a few of these, then I feel it needs a platform (that could maybe work on eReaders?).  I would probably create it on a website to begin, with the aim of moving to a better platform for the end result.

My thoughts are that many of us read a book, and then might possibly watch the movie or animation of that book.  Lots of children watch movies, but do not read more that a much shorter version of the story in text.  I want the text in the forground, with these mmedia embelishments….  not simply as added extras (such as the games, etc found on DVDs), but as integral links in the book….

How this ends up is unclear now, but I will continue on with the story for now, and in those times where I hit a block or am feeling like procrastinating on it, I can work on artwork, animations and sound/music…

Not orthadox, I know – but this excites me – this is what I would like to do, and it may not make my fortune, but I would really like to have a good go at this.

*will keep updates on progress on this project (and of Lili’s story too#!)





November 19, 2012

This was a quick sketch in pastels to get back into using them again.  Not the most accurate drawing I have created, but I like the colours and the mood…  Lili does not like it – as her hair has green and purple, and she says this, therefore, cannot be her!   Apols for screen glare from glass frame…


Swing draft 1

November 19, 2012

OK, so the face needs retouching, infact, the whole pic needs detail now.  But I am interested in the struggle I am feeling to leave it ‘innocent’ as it is, or to ‘work harder’ on it and add the detail it deserves….


Back in black..again

November 19, 2012

Yeah, it’s been said before and will probably be said again!   But I have finally committed (steady on now – don’t get excited) to at least one drawing/painting/creative venture per week.

Finished and framed (though in truth, it is un-finished!) pastel pic of Lili.  It’s OK – not the best thing I ever attempted, but I just wanted to finish something in pastels, get back on the horse, etc.

So that is up and residing on the ol’ piano.

This weekend I attempted a water colour with some rubbish paints I bought for Lili.  I am not a snob about the tools or paints I use – anything will do.  Though I am a little kid in a toy store when visiting that rare breed known as the art supplies store.

The water colour (vivids – not too keen on wimpy washy watercolours!) was of Lili on the swing on a bright Summer day – wearing a pink net tutu – great colours.  The pic is almost done, although I am toiling over whether to leave it vague, or attempt more detail…. Cannot decide…. Vague looks good – but feels like a cop-out (lazy painting), whereas, I could go in for the detail, and end up spoiling it…

Quite fancy doing a large acryllic version of this soon….


Will post image up shortly.


OK – off to conference, be back soon.




…and she’s back

July 16, 2011

from the dead?  No, just back into recording and reflecting.  ‘Been doing some creative stuff, then leaving it and realise how useful it is to collate and keep a record, add thoughts, hopes and even the odd pic now and then!

Working on some songs at the moment.  Gonna try to do at least two or three a week, until I get back in the swing of it.

Will try and add to this blog most nights now, to throw down some ideas, etc.



New Year New Job! Happy Happy!

January 14, 2011

So… I went for an interview at the University last week…and have been offered the post!  Fantastic news!  It is a role where I feel I can do a good job – where I feel capable and suitable for the position, but also where I hope to learn some new skills, and cut my teeth in working in a University.  I am hoping this will help in future research as well as being valuable experience in teaching at University level.  The role is Virtual Learning Environment Project Officer.  Should be verrrry interesting, Mr Bond!

Artwork – well – I’ve been teaching some digital as well as traditional art classes at the College – which has gone well- but I still prefer to teach an older age group truthfully.

The MA and PGCE seem years ago, and it is hard to believe I only finished them last Summer.

I would like to do some digital art now without the pressure … so I think I will use this blog to organise/collate ideas for that.  This seems like a good place to keep me motivated and on track – so I will continue on  with this blog for that reason, besides, it’s nice to ‘talk’ to oneself without fear of being institutionalised!! ; )